How To Take Your Mobile App’s User Retention Rate a Notch Up?

 You all must be aware of the fact of how marketers have altered their stance towards calculating the growth of mobile applications. This stance has taken an inclination towards app retention metrics rather than a blind take on mobile app acquisition numbers.

Earlier mobile app acquisition numbers are regarded as the key mobile app analytic metric. But now this trend has taken a nose dive, today it’s more about how many times the user has returned to your mobile app and interacted with it, during the last 30 days of installation.

Now, you can understand how important it has become to develop a result-driven mobile app retention strategy to have a steady app growth. It helps mobile app marketers understand if they are giving users something to hold onto and keep coming back for more.

Let’s have a look at some of the most effective mobile app user retention strategies, put together by the professionals of a highly-acknowledged digital agency in Mobile App Designin Delhi.

Smooth onboarding: if you don’t want users to abandon your application on the first go, then you need to make the onboarding experience as smooth as possible. The more difficult and lengthy it is to enter your app; the more will be the user abandonment rate. Too many steps to sign in, no social logins, lengthy fields, too many contact fields, perplexed features, and functions can all prove to be disadvantageous. So make sure the very first step that is signup/ login is smooth, don’t burden them with too much information and incorporate as many app gestures to teach the users as possible. Website Designing Delhi

Push notifications: If you want to keep your app users hooked to your app, then you need to serve them with something at regular intervals. It’s a great way to keep your users informed even outside of your app. New features, exciting offers, discounts, new product line added, lucky users- this is what keeps the users engaged and provide a rope through which they can climb the ladder of app retention. And mind you, push notifications work better than broadcast.

Incentives: This is the most effective and tried and tested method that is sure to increase engagement and user retention. Rolling out small but significant incentives to your users for using your app is a great way to keep users engaged and motivated. By giving mobile-specific incentives, premium content gateway, coupons, discounts, and other promotional offers can help drive conversions and boost engagement.

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